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Welcome to
Therapy Nurture

Your success is our motivation..

About Therapy Nurture

Centre for Child Development

“Therapy Nurture” centre for child development is a unit of Reviviscence Rehab Institute Pvt Ltd . Therapy Nurture is a constituent brand of Reviviscence Rehab Institute Pvt Ltd for Pediatric Rehabilitation, Habilitation and Therapeutic services. Therapy Nurture is formed by a group of diversified professionals to provide high quality, evidence based, trans-disciplinary and results oriented therapy which is tailored to meet the needs of each children and help them learn, grow and live their lives to the fullest. The focus is on maximising a child or young person’s physical, social, cognitive, & communication ability within their everyday activities at home, in education and in their community and support to develop their self-management and independence skills.

“Your success is our motivation”

what we’re offering

At Therapy Nurture

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) is a branch of health care that helps people of all ages who have physical, sensory, or cognitive problems. OT can help them regain independence in all areas of their lives...

Speech Therapy

Speech services begin with initial screening for communication and swallowing disorders and continue with assessment and diagnosis, counseling and other follow up services for these disorders...


Our physiotherapist assesses gross motor abilities of the child using systematic assessments, plans out remedial exercises and administers therapy to improve functional abilities of the child...

Special Education/Remedial Education

Therapy Nurture‘s Special Education Center aims at developing your child’s potential to its fullest. Our special educator identifies your child’s preferred learning style and plans on a learning program...

Sensory Integration Therapy

Sensory integration therapy is used to help children learn to use all their senses together that is, touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. It’s claimed that this therapy can improve challenging behaviour...

Communication Therapy

At Communicate Therapy Services, we are dedicated to working with children with speech sound and fluency disorders, receptive and expressive language delays and disorders, ASD, and AAC needs...

Behaviour Modification Intervention

Behavior modification is defined as “the alteration of behavioral patterns through the use of such learning techniques as biofeedback and positive or negative reinforcement.” More simply, you can modify...

Child Guidance & Counseling

Child counseling is a type of therapy that focuses on young children, teens, and adolescents with one or more mental illnesses. It also provides aid to youths, who have experienced trauma...

Parental Counseling

Parental counseling is a service that aims at providing the required tools, guidance, knowledge and support to parents without them having to worry about being judged, in an unbiased, healthy manner...

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